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Terms & Conditions

We offer a free estimated measure and quote off your plans to give you a guide for your timber supply.   We do not install but can provide you with a list of installers who will be in touch with you and who will provide you with a comprehensive written quotation for the install component.

(a)   The Supplier will not accept responsibility for any floor plan or site take-offs errors or omissions.  The customer has the                                         responsibility of ensuring that quotations are accurate.   All additional material to complete the works will be charged to the                               Customer.  

(b)   Once goods are despatched they are the responsibility of the Customer.  

(c)   Timber remains the property of Timber Flooring Perth until the client has paid in full.
(d)  In no event shall Timber Flooring Perth be liable for any damage arising from any incidental or consequential loss.  In such cases, any           monetary liability to the Purchaser shall not exceed the contract price of the products and shall be limited to repair or replacement of               defective goods (or refund of the purchase price at sole discretion).    Timber Flooring Perth will not be responsible for any losses In the           event that  you or your contractor does not lay  the  timber floor to the Australian Standards.

(e)   All grading is carried out by Timber Flooring Perth.   The grade ordered will be made up of 85% selected and 15% random.

Limitations of Liability

The Purchaser’s exclusive remedy for any breach of warranties (refer warranties page) herein shall be limited to repair or replacement of defective goods ( or refund of the purchase price at  sole discretion).

There are a number of points to keep in mind  when purchasing  timber flooring:
*   Timber is a natural product and will vary in colour; colour is not a criteria in grading timber and therefore cannot be considered grounds    
     for complaint.

*    Timber Flooring Perth's timber is supplied at a moisture level between 9 & 14% as per the Australian Standard AS2796.  It is the   
      responsibility of the purchaser to ensure the timber is properly acclimatised and the moisture content is checked prior to laying. 

*   Before installing a timber floor all wet trades should be finished, air conditioners should be installed, window openings should be                      blocked off so the sun does not have an impact on the floor, landscaping complete, timber acclimatised to Australian Standards, 
     moisture readings of the timber correct for your area and the concrete slab suitable to lay timber flooring on.             

      It is important that the layer lays the timber flooring to recommended standards and requirements of the Australian standards; the                   adhesive  company's required guidelines and sound laying practices. 

*   Keep your hardwood timber flooring as clean as possible by regularly vacuuming with a soft bristle head to remove surface                                dirt.  Never use a wet mop, instead a well rung mop with a small amount of water and never clean your floor with household cleaners,              polishes, steel pads etc.or methylated spirits.   Only use a PH neutral floor cleaner.  The  use of incorrect products can leave a wax or                silicone buildup and may make it difficult to re-coat your floor in the future.


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