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  • Concrete slabs and timber sub-floors must be clean and free from any contaminates.  The sub-floor needs to be level to 3mm over 1000mm in any given direction.

  • It is the installer’s responsibility to check the moisture content of the concrete slab and other conditions before laying the floor.  The flooring should be acclimatized for 7 days in the premises where being installed prior to laying. Industry standards should be followed in regards to temperature, relative humidity etc (please see A.T.F.A. guidelines).

  • The installer should inspect each board prior to laying for any visible faults, damage or colour issues.  The owner/installer must check to make sure the correct boards have been supplied.

  • When installing a floating floor always use the silent-step underlay with a builders film (200mm).  Allow for both to continue up the wall 20mm and the builder’s film to overlap by 200mm and use duck tape to secure.

  • A 10mm expansion gap must be allowed for against all hard surfaces and cover with a scotia or trim.

  • The maximum area in which an engineered floor should be floated is 8 metres in any direction.  In larger areas a suitable profile should be used.

  • We do not guarantee our flooring on a heated sub-floor.

  • Even though engineered timber floors are very stable in comparison to solid timber floors they will still move, so to help keep the floor as stable as possible the room in which the flooring is to be laid should be complete with all air conditioning and heating installed.

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